1. Contact

You have chosen for our commissioned painting? Then order a free consultation. Busy, get in touch with us. Rights concerned Please let us know your project and your ideas and wishes. And in a personal conversation we find out how the project can go. This is how we create the basis for the job.


2. Planning

Planning also includes determining the number of correspondences, including scheduling and the schedule of work. This means that we have put a plan on hold and your rooms, tailored to your wishes and ideas.


3. Quotation preparation

You will receive an offer that gives you multiple choice-selection North. This means the price according to the area to be painted, the number of designs, and the experience of emotional painting. But the number of details also plays a role. The amount of work done and the working conditions on site are also included in the calculation. Are becoming relatively cheaper for certain areas. Finally, which we ecologically harmless colors and materials in the interior.


4. Execution

Execution begins after the offer is accepted and the contract is concluded. It is important that we receive the preparation of space, of space or perception, not of trust and preparation of rights. When implementing the correspondences, we work systematically and retrospectively to guide the planning process.


5. Quality control

Subsequent to our work, we conduct our own inspection. This leads to the rejection and handover of the finished painted room. Finished! Now your wall painting is ready! 

Mural painting - prices


surface / wall to be painted

from 1 m2 = 150.00 euros / m2

from 10 m2 = 110.00 euros / m2


Surface / ceiling to be painted

from 1 m2 = 250.00 euros / m2

from 10 m2 = 210.00 euros / m2


The richness of detail - degree of difficulty/factor

Standard 0 / high 1.5 / high 2.0



1.00 euro / km


Overnight: accruing costs / person


Scaffolding -, - Euro / m2 (on request)


Floor cover EUR 3.00 / m2 Free draft (when placing an order) plus material costs


The colored and perspective design for a wall painting to be carried out costs a flat rate of 400 euros.


However, these costs will be offset against the fee when the order is placed.


The final price for a wall painting results from a precise calculation of the area, content, type and richness of detail of the painting and the time required for a project.

We negotiate with you a fixed price tailored to your budget, which we guarantee you in a contract.

Regardless of whether you opt for a simple or detailed mural - you receive an artistic achievement of the highest quality that is perfectly tailored to you and the premises.


Orders outside Berlin / Brandenburg incur costs for adequate accommodation in a hotel.

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